Storage Unit Sizes and Prices at U-Store Colorado Self Storage

Welcome to U-Store Colorado, your go-to destination for versatile storage solutions in Loveland, Colorado. Find the right storage sizes for you, with convenient and exceptional facilities. Keep in mind that all our Loveland storage units include a non-refundable $15.00 admin fee upon lease. Dive into our unit sizes and prices to find the ideal fit for your storage requirements.

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Please note that the sizes listed are approximate and do not reflect real-time rental availability.

5 X 10 (50 sq ft) Small to Medium Walk-in Closet

Price: $56.00/mo

Perfect for those in need of Colorado self storage. Ideal for furniture from an average-sized bedroom, larger boxes, or items like a couch, chairs, tables, and bicycles.

10 X 10 (100 sq ft) Small Bedroom

Price: $102.00/mo

A versatile option for those seeking storage units in Loveland, Colorado. Great for furnishing a tiny apartment with beds, storage boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, and a sofa or loveseat.

10 X15 (150 sq ft) Large Bedroom

Price: $128.00/mo

Spacious enough for Loveland, Colorado self storage. Accommodates furniture from a two-bedroom apartment, mattresses, boxes, appliances, tables, chairs, love seat, and couches. Alternatively, suitable for small sports cars.

10 X 20 (200 sq ft) Average One Car Garage

Price: $169.00/mo

Versatile storage suitable for Colorado self storage needs. This service is ideal for people who need help moving furniture and household items from a 3-bedroom apartment or small house. Also suitable for an average-sized car, commercial storage, inventory, or equipment.

10 X 30 (300 sqft)

Price: $240.00/mo

Ideal for Loveland, Colorado self storage. Ideal for furniture, appliances, outdoor furniture, bikes, and seasonal items from a medium-sized apartment or house.

10 X 40 (400 sqft)

Price: $330.00/mo

A spacious option for storage units in Loveland, Colorado. Often used for furnishings from a two-bedroom apartment or small house, including appliances, patio furniture, and numerous boxes. Alternatively, spacious enough for a vehicle or small boat, or to store carpet rolls and building materials.

20 X 40 (800 sqft)

Price: $610.00/mo

Spacious self storage in Loveland, Colorado for bigger requirements, ideal for sizable belongings or stock.

RV Storage

Price: $80.00/mo

We provide a secure and dedicated space for your recreational vehicles during their off-road hours. RV storage is the ideal solution for those seeking a safe and convenient location to park their motorhomes, trailers, and campers when not in use.

Colorado Self Storage Unit Rules and Regulations

Overview of U-Store Loveland Storage Units, Rules, and Regulations

Before finalizing your lease, take a moment to thoroughly review the terms. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Rent is on a month-to-month basis, due by the 1st of the month.
  • Access to gates is available 365 days a year from 6 am to 8 pm, excluding the 1st if rent is unpaid.
  • You will incur a $10 late charge if you do not pay the rent by the closing of business hours on the 5th.
  • We will put accounts 30 days late into Lien Status, which incurs $50 lien fees, and we may auction the unit’s contents.
  • Clean your unit upon move-out to avoid clean-out fees.
  • No performing mechanics or working out of the unit.
  • You cannot make any alterations to the unit.
  • Dispose of cigarette butts responsibly and avoid stacking items near the dumpster.
  • No storage of flammable items (gas cans, propane tanks, work rags, etc.).
  • Units cannot store items with liens against them.

ONE WAY EXIT: Our facility has a one-way exit for safety. Follow the designated route to avoid accidents or gate closures.

Thank you for considering U-Store Colorado for your storage needs. For any inquiries or to take advantage of our specials, feel free to contact us!