Experience U-Store’s Storage Auctions Colorado 

Come to our monthly Storage Auctions at U-Store Colorado on the third Thursday of every month (except holidays). All are welcome! To confirm the auction status, feel free to give our office a call between 9:00-9:30 am on the auction day.

Event Details: Loveland Public Storage Auction

  • Date and Time: Third Thursday of the month at 10:00 am (unless on a holiday)
  • Payment Method: Cash payment only (as per C.R.S.)
  • Registration: Please sign in with a valid ID before 10:00 am.
  • Important Note: Bidding on your own unit, whether individually or through family members, is illegal.

Buyers must completely clear units sold at the auction on the same day of sale. Alternatively, successful bidders have the option to lease the purchased unit.

Explore the possibilities at U-Store Colorado’s Storage Unit Auctions. We anticipate providing you with an engaging and professional auction experience.

Available Units for Storage Auctions Colorado:

Why Choose U-Store Colorado’s Storage Unit Auctions?

At U-Store Colorado, we take pride in offering a friendly and professional environment for our storage unit auctions. Here’s why you should consider joining us:

  • Auctions occur on the third Thursday of every month, providing a reliable and anticipated experience for participants.
  • Timely Updates: We will promptly update any units being auctioned for your convenience. Stay informed to ensure you don’t miss out on exciting opportunities for storage auctions Colorado.
  • You can remove units from the auction list if you pay for them completely before the auction starts. This flexibility ensures fair and transparent proceedings.

Why Buy a Storage Unit in an Auction?

Unlock Hidden Treasures and Unparalleled Deals with Storage Auctions Colorado!

Storage auctions are exciting for smart buyers to find valuable items at great prices. Here’s why you should consider participating in the excitement of storage unit auctions at U-Store Colorado:

Find hidden treasures:

Storage units hide all sorts of things, like furniture, electronics, collectibles, and antiques. Engaging in an auction adds an element of mystery, turning every purchase into a potential discovery.

Affordability at Its Finest:

Auctions provide a cost-effective way to acquire items you need or desire. With competitive bidding, you have the chance to score valuable items at a fraction of their retail price.

Help the environment:

By bidding on storage unit auctions, you help recycle and give used items a second chance. A win-win situation — you save money while promoting environmental responsibility.

Potential for Profit:

Beyond personal satisfaction, buying storage units at auction offers the potential for profit. Turn your auction adventure into a lucrative side hustle by discovering valuable items that you can resell.

Variety and Diversity:

Storage units come in various sizes and shapes, providing a diverse array of items. Storage unit auctions offer a wide range of items. You can find something specific or enjoy the excitement of unexpected finds.

At U-Store Colorado, we strive to create a pleasant and professional atmosphere for our storage unit auctions. Our goal is to ensure that both experienced and new buyers have an enjoyable experience. Join us in the thrill of the hunt, and let the adventure begin!


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